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​Hours 10-12 and 4-6 Daily 

 A Yellow Rose Pet Resort

Thank  you for choosing A Yellow Rose! We would like to share some policy updates and refreshers. Our hours are 10-12 and 4-6 daily. Our closed hours are very precious to us! We feed clean and care for our hairy guests, so important to us. Please allow us to supply anything and everything they need, including beds, blankets, and bowls. We supply upper end foods at no additional charge. If you would like your pet to eat their normal diet please bring dry ONLY in ziplock baggies, either individual servings or up to gallon bags, hold 16 cups. Mark the bags please with a sharpie with names and amount per meal, or simply FF if they graze 😊 We are happy to feed treats, canned fresh or frozen foods, so feel free to bring them for your pets. Meds are also welcome and we chart their dispense. Please wait before entering office with your pets to be sure it is safe for them or others. Lastly remember our driveway is our yard and you MUST go SLOWLY THANKS SO VERY MUCH ♥️🐾♥️
Also just a general side note, distemper has been a recent issue in Parker County so be sure your pets are up to date! It is carried by wild animals along with pets, so even at home there is a risk. Vaccines are very effective so be diligent. Also don’t forget their flea and tick meds, it’s always the season in Texas 🐶🐈