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All Suites are climate controlld

Luxury Economy Indoor/Outdoor 41 sq ft

5'4" X 4' Suite with 5' X 4' Patio also access to 7' X 25' playyard

Priced at $25 per night for 40# and under largest pooch, max capacity 80# combined weight.

$28.50 for 41# and up larger pooch, max capacity 80# total

Luxury Economy Plus Indoor/Outdoor 52 sq ft

5'4" X 5' Suite with 5' X 5' Patio access to 7' X 25' playyard

Priced at $31 per night max capacity 100# total

King Sized Suite Indoor/Outdoor 108 sq ft

6'8" X 5' Suite with a 15' X 5' Patio access to a 10' X 25' playyard

Priced at $39 per night

Additional Pooch same Suite

Priced at $19 per night

Cat Boarding

We offer limited cat boarding priced at $15 per night

Extras Available

Bed or cot rental, carpeted suite, leash walks (hikes around the wooded property), one on one training, frozen yogurt treats, or you make a special request for your pet.


We offer a bathing package which includes: bath, brushing, blow out, eye & ear wiping, spritzing and nails clipped.  Furminating also available

Dog Boarding

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